Real estate in luxurious Virginia Beach

Luxury stone home in suburbs at dusk

Luxury stone home in suburbs at dusk

Guinness World Records mentions Virginia Beach as the longest public beach for recreation. In addition, this is the largest city of Virginia, located on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay. Its emerald waters reflect the landscapes of the coastal buildings, like mushrooms growing along the shoreline. Virginia Beach is considered the resort town, so there is plenty of commercial real estate and entertainment here.


The history of the resort began in 1607, when the southern Chesapeake Bay harbor sheltered three British ships led by Captain Christopher Newport. The area was named as Cape Henry, and recreational vein was developed in the XIX century. In 1888 the electricity was conducted here and the railroad was built, and in 1906 Virginia Beach has received the status of the city.


It was then when on the coast the first hotel “Princess Anne” began to operate. Over time, the city authorities began to pay more attention to the development of parks, schools and other popular entertainment destination for families. As a result, Virginia Beach is the most prosperous place for living of the American cities, its economy is based on the luxury real estate in Virginia Beach, tourism and defense. This conclusion was made by experts after a series of studies, the criteria of which were such indicators as income, crime, health, education, credit rating. The convenient geographical location of the resort allows you to avoid powerful storms, annoying most of the coastal cities of America. It is also one of the keys to success.


The beautiful beaches and pleasant climate make it possible to enjoy sunbathing, at least six months a year. Winter in the city is soft and snowy. White carpet covers Virginia Beach in January and February, giving a sense of fabulousness and magic. On this time of year there are also a lot of tourists who love the beauty of the immediate resort city. Among the most famous attractions is a pirate ship “The Lost Pearl”. This floating museum is a replica of a Spanish galleon, on which you can make a fascinating journey into the open sea, experiencing all the hardships and joys of pirate life. A popular tourist attraction is the park “Red Wing”, which is lying on the islands near Knotts. This is 97 hectares of amazingly beautiful nature, where everyone can find a place to their liking.