Hampton Roads People

Hampton Roads is a beautiful and wealthy area, full of educational and cultural opportunities for residents and tourists alike. As such, it’s no surprise that quite a few famous people hail from this great area. While there are actors, actresses, politicians, and many others that call Hampton Roads home, most of the famous people from the area are musicians. This is due to the very vibrant and modern music scene throughout the area, but especially in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, and Norfolk.

Famous musicians who got their start in this area include Bruce Hornsby, Gary Bonds, Juice Newton, Mae, Seven Mary Three, Gene Vincent, Keller Williams, Steve Earle, Ella Fitzgerald, Robert Cray, Ruth Brown, Tommy Newsom, Chad Hugo, Clipse, Magoo, Missy Elliot, Nicole Wray, Pharrell Williams, Quan, Teddy Riley, and Timbaland. Since the musical scene in the area is still very vibrant and alive to this day, it is expected that there will be many more wonderful and celebrated musicians to come out of this very happening area.